- Marat Taturas


✵ TATURAS Taturas - electronics experimenter, a versatile musician who is constantly looking for new musical solutions.His work is published Kinky Vinyl, Ataraxy, Jubeelee, Audio Lotion, Sobol Tunes. In 2008 Taturas releases Chillout album HAUA project, which quickly gained the interest of the European public and has been actively published in the Lounge and Downtempo collections, among which: Ganesha yoga, Buddha lounge essental India, Buddha grooves, The lotus lounge garden, Asian Electronics Beats, Chill in Paradise. As part of the project «OBO & HOBOS» on Solaris label released a Vinyl EP «Dirty Fuck». The album quickly gained altitude - it played such personalities as Dj Tom Stephan, aka «Super-chumbo», Dj T (Thomas Koch), Dj Smokin Jo, Dj Felix da HOUSECAT, then DJs all over the world, and «HOBOS» toured with the live-set. He writes a lot of music in many different genres, including film music, large ceremonies, music for performances and theatrical. The owner of the studio Cinemusic MoscowIn 2015 he opened his own label, electronic music - www.aerarecords.com Guru of Russian electronics, sound producer Marat Taturas takes the stage with a new Live / mc program and new electronic ideas! Author's style of play and the lot of pozitive - Marat Taturas! Styles: Contemp Dance, Ethno-Step, Chillout, Electronica. https://www.facebook.com/taturas https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtPY4YEVYZbwJI6Bf_55nFw https://www.mixcloud.com/marat-taturas/