- Helmut Ebritsch


Helmut is a born musician and started producing music on a c-64 with Chris Hulsbeck's "Soundmonitor". He totally fell in love with electronic sound and non- heard sound structures. Later he joined the Soundtracker-Scene on the Amiga Computer. In 1996 Helmut Ebritsch released his first techno 12" releases on the label “Optophone",berlin. The first House Tunes were released in the year 1997 with the project “Factor E" on the label "Le Bien Et Le Mal".In cooperation with Nadja Lind he dreams a dream of clear,emotional,deep music as the project : “Klartraum" on Darkroom Dubs, Night Drive Music, Gastspiel, Ministry of Sound, Soma. He formed also his label "Lucidflow" together with Nadja Lind. His deep techno vocal project "Hatikvah" together with Florian Schirmacher saw releases on Morris Audio, Baalsaal, Suol, Lucidflow and signed an album deal with Soma Recordings.