JPLS is an American techno producer with releases onMinus, SCI+T EK and Delft Records. Raised in an Indianacornfield and classically trained in theoretical Mathematics,his approach to production continually crosses the line ofprecision and reduction. Unpredictable and unconventional,JPLS continues to push forward his vision of techno as truefuture music.The explosion of nearby Chicago’s Industrial and Electronicscene in the mid 90’s provided JPLS with the initialinspiration for what would become his lifelong obsession.Thanks to a small group of dedicated friends, this escapeinto other worlds consumed weekends in warehouses andweekdays in basement studios. After receiving countlessdemos over the span of five years, Richie Hawtin welcomedJPLS to the Minus roster in 2006 and fully supported hisunusually sparse approach to production. After multiplesalbums, eps and tours JPLS accepted a uniquelychallenging role as the executive audio producer forHawtin’s highly acclaimed Plastikman Live tour of 2010.