- Kaiserbeat


The duo "Kaiserbeat" is composed of two young DJs of underground music, Gianluca Caiati (class of 1993) and Giovanni Fiorentino (class of 1992).Was founded in 2011 with the aim of recent delight the audience by sharing it with their passion.Has performed with various artists of the highest caliber as: Nick Curly, Mass Prod, Zadak & Kotelett, Julie Marghilano, Julien Sandre, Minimono, Riva Starr, Marco Faraone, Sasha Funke, Alessio Mereu, Paky De Rosa, Skizzo, Claudio Coccoluto, Mr. C, MIDI & Nick Z ero, Mario Più and many others.Always looking for a unique and personal sound, we are dedicated to the composition of deephouse track with shades of funk and acid house, influenced by technos ounds .