- Fedor Smirnoff


Musician, DJ, Composer, Soundproducer, Remixer Fedor is one of the promising and rapidly developing domestic artists club scene. Progressive House lovers direction he was already familiar to the weekly program Mixadance, with enviable regularity to get it working. Beginning in 2008, Fedor paid particular attention to writing electronic music and has already achieved many successes in this. Prior to drag electronic music was the author of many songs and played drums in a rock band, one of whose founders and served. Fedor Smirnov received the support of many famous artists and musicians to give positive criticism and feedback on their work. Also, Fedor has proven himself as a bright, energetic, and disc jockey extraordinaire, has his own individual approach to the art of communicating with the public. Compilations and Compositions Fyodor Smirnov - it is always interesting, dynamic and profound works that reflect the sincerity of emotion, appreciated by many listeners.