- Meital De Razon


Meital De Razon is a singer song writer, one of the music scene's top vocalists. Moving from House to soulful music Meital has shown an endless veriaty as a recording performing artist. It is her captivating voice, diverse productions and styles that have attracted the attention of the world's most respected producers. Meital has recorded with Offer Nissim, Chaim, Yinon Yahel, Flash Brothers, Yahel, Asymmetric Soul, Micha Moor, Mr.Black amongst others and this time, the marquee belongs to Meital...and rightfully so. Meital De Razon's "You You" single has classic written all over it. A sing-a-long lyric and melody that will surely be heard on dancefloors and compilations the world over for a while to come. Along with the infectious original, comes remixes from Creamer & Lacoste, Jason Chance, Luca Ricci, Alex Sayz, and new comers, FirstOrder. " You You" will be one of those releases that EVERYONE will be singing and dancing along to from the very first listen and Slanted Black Records is honored to be the host of this instant classic.