- DJ Lime El Project


Dj Lime El Project (Oleg Zaitsev), was born on February 18, 1980 in the city of Electrostal. Dee-Jay, and progressive musician, who has his own unique style and is always in search of something new. His works are in various music compilations and are highly estimated by the audience. The beginning of musical career started with some old records and naturally with vinyl players somewhere in 1998. With obsolete equipment gradually shifted to modern. Keeping pace with the progress, mastered new technologies with use of CD media with a simple decks, and then using different dj software on your PC and the sounds of living. Mastering such programs as FL Studio, Ableton, began to write tracks and remixes. Thanks to the experience gained and the craving for contemporary music in the club format, since 2005, writes music in the style of Progressive house, Club house, Tech house, as well as, not stopping at the achieved, exploring new styles and directions of electronic music. Cooperates with many labels, including "Mixadance" and released their best new products at beatport, junodownload, iTunes and many other music online stores. Dj Lime El Project is a sea of positive energy and a huge Arsenal of fine music, with whom he shares with us on the dance floor, and the sea interesting, unique ideas, nested in the mixes, live footage, ремикы and tracks from Dj Lime El Project, will always be able to please connoisseurs of high-quality sound. His work can be heard on such radio stations as "DFM 101.2 FM ( Moscow ) , RADIO RECORD 98.4 FM , EUROPE PLUS ( Moscow ), Hit FM 107.4 ( Moscow ), Love Radio ( Moscow ) , NRJ ( Moscow )