- Harlan Buskes


The rhythm of life started with classical music, that moved onto contemporary, and then onto punk and metal. By adulthood, “Electronic [dance] music was the final frontier,” he says. “The last type of music for me to get into,” identifying with genres progressive house and trance, for their dynamic arrangements and bombastic energies. In 2006 he sent a track to Kiss FM/Dance Music Australia, a radio in Melbourne, most recognized station for their dance music, and the owner “loved it,” he says. The track 'Under Arabian Skies,' a progressive house about spending the night under a starlit night in the dessert, at the outskirts of Dubai, UAE. From thereon, he was clear-cut on becoming a producer, a DJ and an established artist. Today, he's built up a noteworthy discography of original tunes with such labels as Vinyl Pusher, We Stand Alone, Incense, 405, Shah Music, Sunset Melodies, NRG Dance and Tiefhaus Records. On the decks, he gets inventive and treats gigs like live performances, mixing in various prerecorded instruments and percussion to make a cohesive track—in real time. What resonates in his music is the essence of Harlan Buskes.