- I-One


I-one is very talented and passion driven DJs and producers from Slovakia. He started out as a professional dancer as he was also born with a feel for rhythm. When he was 15 he started his first electronic music experiments where he has encountered a magic unlike in any other genre. The clubbing experiences came in 2002 and from this moment on he found his way. In 2009 won 1st place as a best Slovakia dj, after he became the official Pioneer DJ for Slovakia and has represented this brand on high level. After 14 years of mixing experience he developed his own specific technique of mixing house music. I-one has a Master degree from the University of Technical Engineering and Robotic Technology in Bratislava/Slovakia. I-one is a founder & owner of his own booking / marketing / production agency called " Music Laboratory " and label Music Laboratory records. He is focusing more energy to Switch2smile in this time and he is preparing new songs and remixes for his audience behind this brand.I-one is renowned for perfect mixing and ability to pick a tune, when it’s their turn to hit the decks the crowd knows that the energy and atmosphere of the club is going to be lifted to another level.