- Fabrizio Costa


Fabrizio Costa was born in southern Italy (Palermo) in 1983. he has an unbridled passion for music from an early age. In 1995 start to run his first recordings in a party with friends. Four years after his first night life alongside Joe T Vannelli. Dj eclectic evolving musical tech house sounds with hints of house and deep tecno..! Known for a meticulous and careful mixing technique and its exciting musical selections..! From that moment he began his long climbs in all areas of Sicily and beyond as: "Prestige"(Malta),"Taitù"(Taormina),"Movida"(Palermo),"Monaliza"(Malta),"Dome"(Catania),"Ushuaia Disco Playa"(Reggio Calabria),"Pachà"(Trapani),"Bier Garten"(Palermo),"Exes"(Villafrati) ecc..! In 2007 She began he started to study music and begins to use the programs as a virtual Ableton,Reason,Traktor ecc....! In december 2011 he released his first EP titled "Black Magic"! 2012 is an important year for Fabrizio,in november,he founded his own label "Jungle Beat Records"! Is now working on is new project!