- Livedj Malo


Daniel Barančík known as LIVEDJ MALO. His talent as a "DJ / PRODUCER" began to develop in the Italian city of Pescara, then pumped his experience in clubs all over Italy as an organizer and performer for various types of events. He was born on 13 Snina in July 1987, but even as a child he moved with his parents to Italy, where he spent all of his youth. His first beginnings were in the Latin American music. Excited for this style of music became a dancer and the results instructor and Caribbean music such as salsa cubana, bachata and merengue. He has participated in various dance competitions (as a competitor and as an accompaniment of their ward) as "Stredotalianske Cup" where a dancer placed second in the style of bachata and the third style salsa cubana. He also worked as an animator at various clubs under the brand Taxi Dancers. At that time, the first time he came into contact with electronic music and then began to develop his talent as a DJ, first in small clubs as support DJ and later asserted as a resident DJ. Crazy Stars based group, which included starting but also known DJs, go-go dancers and vocalists. This group was considered as a guarantee of good fun and therefore hosted in clubs throughout Italy. DJ It then began his tour as a DJ and showman throughout the peninsula. The original show was brand quality žúrov and his demeanor in the style of "no slouch" liked entertainment hungry people in the hottest clubs. He participated in the actions and Friendly Private Club, where he met with various personalities. Recently established a "label" CRAZY STARS RECORDS under which issued its own for 6 maxi singles that were even included in the .16 best dance compilation


Ibiza House To House
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Vinyl Loop Records | 2012-08-11