- Endy DJ


Andrea Manca Aka Dj Endy was born in Palermo on November 1, 1991. From a young age attracted to music, thanks to the use of his guitar can understand that you have quite a passion for it. In 2006 Endy buy his first console and this passion for music began to take shape with the creation of mix which show a natural talent in him talent to grow over the years with its various experiences, also using electronic instruments such as drum machines and "KORGELECT RIBE" et al. He went from mix to its production, composing pieces unique, he realized that the only way he could express through music the best being truly himself. Managed to win several record labels MZK, Deep Side, Spaceland, Jungle Beat, Kan., Drugstore, JJ, etc. .. With various remixes and original tracks, coming out with various compilations of various labels with many artists. Sounds fascinating using different Synthetizzatori and with the passage of time is addressed on "Deep House" genre he greatly appreciated, thanks in part to many evenings inspired by this kind of music, trying to get more and more in this musical world. Endy hear the music flows through their veins, the pulsing rhythm in his blood and that he does, he does it with his heart, with a dedication worthy of an artist. He lives for music, for that set of notes and rhythmic sounds that make up his notes and accompanying her life every day. His professional experience began to grow, playing in various clubs of his city, looking for a day to be able to come true his dream.