- SM Noize


SM Noize is alter ego of young and talented dj and producer from Bosnia & Herzegovina,Srdjan Marjanovic.Born in one of the biggest cities of Bosnia & Herzegovina,Banja Luka.Later moved in to a smaller city called as Prnjavor where he start hes music career.First touch with electronic music was when i was 14 years old.Labels :- Mekanism Records- Sound of Techno- Shout Records- Bass Assault Records- Crunch Control- Naughty Pill Records- Unofficial Records- Pragmatik Recordings- Heavy Snatch Records - Tekx Records- Rawhard Audio Records - Impact MusiqueSupported by:Tex-Rec,Forest People,Adam Jay,Michael Schwarz,Hackler & Kuch,Electrorites,Niereich,Hystericmaniak,Luke Creed,De Hessejung,Lui Urbano,Worda,Elbodrop and many many more... :)