- Dan Blume


Daniele Fiorello aka Dan Blume is an Italy based Dj and Producer active in the north of italy's techno-scene in a town near Milan. Techno addicted from many years he decided to become a 'key-part' of his town techno-panorama buying a couple of cdjs and a mixer. He started to play in a lot of clubs including the most import ant part ies in his area: Fluid Club & Juice Club (Bergamo) and Cocorico' (Riccione) just to name a few. Since 2008 with his friend Federico Sahne he started a new project called Psychocowboys that in the second half of 2011 has been changed in Bewegung. Bewegung is a project that promotes their music production as well as their dj sets to give them a common entity to mark it as, indeed, a movement (Bewegung). Bewegung "today" are resident dj's at Bolgia(BG), the most important club in the north of Italy.