- Noisedock


Noisedock is a serbian dj and production duo that is specialized in techno & minimal. It consists of Misa Njiredjhazi and Zoran Dramicanin the long time friends and veteran DJ’s of Serbia. Their roots in music go back to 1999, when they meet each other and discover their mutual wishes and ideas to establish themselfs as djs and producers. Crutual moment was in 2000 when they started organize parties under the association 'TRIHEAD' which they formed whit some frends. TRIHEAD that worked in the next five years was a significant element of promoting electronic music in their home town. Their work resulted in many successful underground parties and residnetures across the Serbia. Throughout the years, duo has constantly worked on their production skills to create their unique style of techno. In 2010 they set up a studio and start produce tracks under the alias NOISEDOCK.