- Cristian N


Cristian was born in Treviso (Italy) in 1971 and at the age of 15 she approaches the world of disco music dj trying to make some private party Towards the 17-18 years he discovered techno music and from there began a journey that led him to attend many locals who play this new kind of music and this collection of dj as a sparring partner of the resident deejay for a short period, that of military service, he left the world of music but again meets approximately to the 23-24 years that coincide even with his approach to musical productions Unfortunately economically can not support the high costs that require the recording facilities and decides to leave this activity on commitments related to his main job.But, since the passion for the music is too lod decides after several years of diving back into the world of production testing the software FLSTUDIO with some start to take the first confidences.In the meantime, gets married, has a son (Claudio) with his partner Daniela and settled in the province of Pavia Continue his musical studies as a self-taught and slowly begin to take life the first creations that Cristian series turns out to be well accepted also the public Internet user network to spread his sound creates its own channel on youtube and soundcloud where he began to receive the first compliments from some of the world Techno music label. He is currently experimenting with a mix of electronic and darktechno which is followed even some banging track