- Selma


Young Vanguardist with feeling ̈ Deep Underground ̈ born in Spain, very characterized by a sound organic, its current owner to Monet label.Selma started producing in 2011 by the record label ̈ WhoBear Records ̈, but did so with a more commercial and different from the current style. In 2013 he began working an EP with a different sound and a more defined style. Cuartero given the opportunity and support to launched his EP in label Sanity, called ̈ Ella ̈, thus relaunch the new style of the artist.The EP was a great success and was supported by great artists nationally and internationally as Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Matthias Tanzman, Hector Couto, Steve Lawler, Plough, Yaya, Pleasurecraft, Hollen, Figueroa & Obando, Leix, Philip Arruda, Joris Voorn, Fabier, Manolaco, Joor Ghen, Cuartero, Wade, Reelow among others.His tracks are defined with bass irregular, organic sound, melancholy chord, abstract voices and surround treble, low speed (between 118 and 122 bpm). He is currently preparing several works with great labels, interviews, events, radio ...The showcases and podcast are high stability, definite rhythm, elegance and powerful sound Deep Techno, enjoy every moment with the public, as they are the true protagonists of each sets.Some artists that support:Richie Hawtin, Matthias Tanzmann, Hector Couto, Luciano, Joris Voorn, Pleasurecraft, Marco Carola, Sidney Charles, Arado , Cuartero, Wade, Yaya, Luca M, Jose M. & TacoMan, Reelow, Massimo Cassini, The Deepshakerz, Chicks Luv Us, David Herrero , Kuo Climax, Zohki, Hollen, Le Vinyl, Fernando Mesa, Mountage, Fabian Argomedo, Steve Lawler, DJ Fronter, Ilario Liburni, Paco Mena, Figueroa & Obando, Leix, Philip Arruda, Joris Voorn, Fabier, Manolaco, Joor Ghen and more.