- Axelle Roch


Axelle began her DJing career in the early 2000's. Back then she was one of the DV1 after Club's resident DJs in Lyon, France. Trained by Herve AK from Kompakt, she remained resident DJ for 3 years, playing vinyl records only. Axelle finally decides to move to Paris where electro/clash music is the big trend. She then, gives birth to "Les Meches Anglaises". Between the 3 of them, the band hits the city's clubs offering a mix of electric guitars DJ/riff. Feeling like she doesn't belong in this world anymore, Axelle leaves the band and moves on with her solo career...looking for a new musical world but most importantly a new playground. So she spends 5 hours a day in a clothing store in a trendy neighborhood of Paris, searching, exploring, discovering herself for 3 years. That's where she meets her team partner, creates the Fox Parisian Crew and starts organizing all of the Currywurst events at the Batofar. Axelle feels at ease and finally seems to have found herself. Guests come in numbers to DJ with her. People love her deep/dark/groovy style. Later she enrolls in a sound engineering school and graduates in 2014. "I always knew music had to be groovy. I've been through a lot of different stages, I never stopped working on myself and it showed in my music." She has just been signed on Monoclap, only vinyl. She joins Antha, Nima Gorji, Roberto Martin, Crocodile Soup, Xandru. After one year passed in London in her studio, She ll be in Berlin for the end of 2017 with news projets. Axelle Roch follows her heart and creates her own world of music where you can only feel good and ready to dance !