- Rich-Art


RICH-ART - one of the most popular and successfull Moscow DJs. No1 remix producer in Russia. Official resident of «PACHA MOSCOW» and frequent guest of the best Moscow club «PREMIER LOUNGE». Ex-resident of famous Russian clubs «RAI» & «SOHO ROOMS», the founder of music label «THE REAL BUSTERS», official DJ of «MOSCOW FASHION WEEK» and «EUROVISION 2009». His tracks & remixes are frequently paying on top Russian radio stations «DFM» & «RECORD» and Russian music TV channels "MUSICBOX", "A-ONE", "RUSONG TV".


The Big One
Funky Truckerz, Antoine Cortez, Block & Crown, Rich-Art, Sandro Escobar, Jim Cerrano, Val Entin, Brown Sugar, Tomaas All, Harvel B, AFM Groove, Dany Cohiba, Jolene, Stretch & Shout, Facture, A.D.S.R, Soul Addicts, Mark Antoine, Peter Portman, Atilla Cetin, Mitch Major, DJ McKoy, Tavo, Fabio Castro, Vuk Lukic, Sofija Sterenovic, Skvatt, Lowave, Josh Dickens, Louisa Bass, Lady Lago, Dennis Ruyer, Rude Vinyl & Souljackerz, Fred Del Mar, Santiago Moreno, J8Man, Aggero, KC Anderson, Paolo Viez, Teddy Richards, Stev Bray, Joshua Kardell, King Bahia, Diaz, Luna Moor, Rhythmic Groove, Tim Le Funk, Arthur van Dyk, Danny Cruz, Robin Bright, Jem's, Shishkin, Martin Lacroix, Modaal, NE-ON, Deep Fish, NekliFF, Gil, Mastro, Falstronic, Lucas Reyes, Discojack, funKid, Da Silva Gunn, Beatmechanic, Jaques Le Noir, Neil Page, Bes Ymeri, Crystalina, Wander Sa, Cocoared, Benita Poetess, Adam Fryer, Gaetan Durand, Alex Whisper, Nebs Jack, James Bratch, Denis Filipovic, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris, Alexandre Fossard, Dani Le Cross, Modium, Nuff Said, Tonio Liarte, Guy Ohms, Jack Notion, Bruno Ribeiro, Darick Gyorgy, FOS, DJ Diogenes, Sam Bylet, HouseEssence, Vigo Qinan, The Peverell Brothers, Mick Teck, KPD, Johnny Yip, DJ Synchro, Reza, Nicole Tyler, Rick Marshall, Twonot, JJ Mullor, Manjit, Georgie Lee el Hakim, KaiMack, Block & Crown, NekliFF, Nikey Rush, Absolut Groovers, Adam Twelve, Nev Scott, Clement Morel, Michael Murica, Angel Manuel, Lucas Reyes
Suka Back Cat | 2015-02-17