- Matthew Bomb


MATTHEW BOMB [Mate Popovics] was born on the 8th of October in 1994 in Debrecen, Hungary. I started listening Underground Music's in 2005. Many Changes after I stayed on Techno. My life is techno! I'm Started the meet the music-making and mixing in 2007 with my friend Kocsmar Norbert aka NorTheq. In the beginning it hardtechno and hardgroove. and 2009 changed Started to learn Ableton and starting the joint work. We worked a lot on it, that we find our own style and own Sound's... I Like the Tribal, Dark, Massive, Strong, Dynamics's.. I am based on a rather diverse line but this individuality of his my music's I'm & NorTheq we created my Own labels : Instruktor Records. Owner's : NorTheq, Matthew Bomb. I worked for them so far label's: Wicked Waves Recordings, Naked Lunch, Big Punch, Brachial Kontakt, Naughty Pills Records, and etc... In 2014 he became resident DJ in DDMP Party series in Debrecen With my friend NorTheq. has played with many big names such as. I I received an invitation in 2014 to Malta and I Play in " Techno Is The Answer " Party in San Gwann, Liquid club. and playing in MUTE ( Budapest ) DISCOGRAPHY: Owen Offset & Matthew Bomb - Maze Escape EP [ Techno Is The Answer Records ] Matthew Bomb & NorTheq - Rhythm Crusher EP [ Instruktor Records ] NorTheq - Old School Techno EP [ Instruktor Records ] Ig Noise - Outox (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Techno Legends Records ] Joseph Dalik - Burning Up (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Infinite Records ] Joseph Dalik - Dirty Business (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Naughty Pills Records ] Nahal - Broken Robot - (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Art Style: Techno Records ] NorTheq - Disaster (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Instruktor Records ] Tonikattitude - Insane Magician (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Techno Terror Records ] Joseph Dalik - Dirty Business (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Naughty Pills Records ] Matthew Bomb - Hell Fire [ Wicked Waves Recordings ] Matthew Bomb - Evolution [ Naked Lunch ] Matthew Bomb & NorTheq - Techno Never Dies [ Instruktor Records ] Matthew Bomb & NorTheq - Fictive Tempo EP [ Techno Legends Records ] Matthew Bomb & Warped - The Dark Side EP [ Naughty Pills Records ] Matthew Bomb - Welcome To The Underworld [ Big Punch Records ] Subject G - Analogue Remixes EP - (Matthew Bomb Remi) Matthew Bomb - Light In The Darkness EP [ Afterdark Records ] Cesare De Lucia - Lost Souls (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Lunatic Asylum Records ] Extra Dry - Borderline (Matthew Bomb Remix) [ Afterdark Records ] Matthew Bomb - AWC EP [ Aquarius Beat Records ] Matthew Bomb - Earth Of Mechanoid EP [ Techno Legends Records ] And Soon...