- Jim Heder


I was born in 1978 in Hungary. At first listening to rock music, because they kept it because my brother and I listened to this music I had :) I grew up like Ramones, Nirvana, et c. ..... hard Punk Rock. In 1995 came t he big change in music. Persuaded friends went to a disco that I found it boring, because it began to dawn 3ig play House music. What I did not even know what it is, but at first glance, really liked and was completely different than the usual disco music, dance and even had it. From then on I was just partys, I became obsessed. I was a big admirers,John Digweed,Sasha,D- Phrag,Danny Tenaglia,Dave Seaman,Speedy J,Chris Liebing,Steve Lawler, and I think they are still the most. I started from 1999 onwards a harder line, Techno. The unforgettable Patexba the Hyperspace. In 2000 bought the first techno vinyl records. Played small clubs. In 2005, the first I made my own music then Magix. Today we made music, or 150. Favorite music I write, Ableton Live, Reason, FL Studio, Sony Acid Pro If you grumpy, tired, or just fit and I'm happy making music and it keeps turning off updates. I love the whole Eletronic music. :) Let Progrressive House, House, Tribal, Trance, Techno, and so on .....