- Mario Tomich


I am Sam - founder of project "Mario Tomich", who get in the top of the best labels in the world in few months. Mario Tomich - the new rising star of House and Techno music industry. As a producer, who knows the music inside, I can mix and underground Techno House music into one. Mario Tomich - it is high level of the European sound. I am a connoisseur, a tireless experimenter, electronic music enthusiast. "Without music life would be a mistake," Friedrich Nietzsche, when i heard these words, I realized that I should give people joy which manifested in music! During this time, my project was a guest of various Moscow clubs, consistently receiving rave reviews and support public and their colleagues. The variety of music - that is the niche in which people need ... I am a musician and DJ who knows how to harmoniously combine the two sides of the profession. My progressive melodies and Techno grooves creates something of what you can dream about. However, i cant stop my dives deep into electronic music!