- Marleen Polakowski


Marleen Polakowski aka Mimi Marleen (*1990 in Cologne, Germany) is a Techno DJane, Producer, Radio and TV presenter. “If you don’t go forwards you go backwards“ is the motto of this young emerging talent and in May 2011 she parted with her previous artist name "Mimi Marleen" and has spent time on her new projects and goals. Her musical passion is Techno: groovy, impulsive, straight forward and partly influenced by rhythmic Tech-House elements. Thanks to Marleens technical prowess and the creative mastery of Traktor, her sets are renowned for their creativity and unique musical style. She plays with 4 decks all in all with the aid of 2 midi-controllers to enable a creative and individual DJ set. Her aim is to be able to play an Ableton Live-Set. BIiography At the early age of 14, Marleen Polakowski discovered her passion for electronic music. In 2004 she started to practice mixing vinyl with her DJ friends and was unstoppable ever since. In 2006 she went to Australia for nearly 2 years to network with international contacts in the electronic music industry and to diversify her musical influences. There, she started playing with CDs and she also began to produce her own music with several software sequencers. In early 2008 she went back to Germany and at 17 started her DJ-career at the legendary “Rheingold” Club (also known as Poison Club) in Duesseldorf. 11th April 2011 she released her first official EP "Confused Flute" at the label "BM Slim" (sublabel of Baile Musik) under her old artist name “Mimi Marleen“. In 2014 she has started again with a few remixes including Patrik Berg’s Hit “Aquamarin” the Berlin label “Fanciful”. In 2013 she has joined Mike Maaß’s emerging Techno label and agency "Black Circus", that stand for straight and drifty Techno. Up to this date, the young techno-driven babe is active national as well as international. She has played already in big clubs like Sankeys in Ibiza and Borderline in Switzerland and she is booked by the best clubs in Germany including several clubs in Berlin, Nature One Festival, Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt and Butan Club in Wuppertal to offer the audience an unique techno-highlight.