- Martin Soundriver


Martin Soundriver - under this alias is hidden DJ and Producer from Warsaw - Poland - Marcin Rudnicki, who is influenced with music since ever.As youngster he was fascinated by sounds of artists likes Armin van Buuren,ATB or Tiesto.He knew that music is that what he really loves. Since 15 years he sharedin evolution of EDM in Poland. Many outdated events and organisation ofthem gave for him a lot of experience due to that his musical character wasproduced. However as it was fitted on man with passion - music listeningwasn't enough for him. He wanted something more... Standing by the consoleand giving musical energy for dancing fans was his dream which he startedto realise in very short time. Many years of experience as a DJ with timewas appreciated. He was spotted by radiostation Szczecin.FM, which emitedhis Radioshow. Actually he working with radio Trance1.FM, where hepresenting his author audition "Trance my life radioshow" assembling morecrowd of fans. To be sure what is a music from heart it's necessary to hearat least 1 of these episodes. Exactly here we can see his true "I". Withtime when his audition reached more popularity Marcin decided to back tomusic production. Thats how after making his first full track he debutingin this year in Redbox Recordings where he awaits for physical (CD) anddigitally release. As it happens, music was his calling, becasue soon aftersigning contract with Redbox Recordings he has established cooperation withexisting for more than 2 years on music market - Martin Graff. Effect ofthey collab is EP , relesed on label Vendace Records. which is waiting forrelease. As he speaking: "I realised myself, but I still want more". Is ita signal about next productions, which we will hear soon? Surely we willknow it soon!


Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems, Vol. 3
Cryostasis, Mike Sanders, Fresh Code, Elusive Sense, Carlos Olmo, Sunsitive, Angel Falls, Alpha Duo, Yana Kay, Rene Ablaze, Dima Krasnik, Blue Tente, TrancEye, SoundLift, Oen Bearen, Ark Planet, Frozen Skies, Rebecca Louise Burch, Neno, Alexey Ryasnyansky, Frank Dattilo, Myde, Top-C, Air-diver, Coms, Sascha Dolliver, Aeden, Faruk Sabanci, O.B.M Notion, Nikolauss, ARCZI, Arctic Motion, Navier & Stokes, Miguel Angel Castellini, Wemms Project, Ex-Driver, Dereck Recay, Bardalimov, Blue Elephant, Damian Wasse, Rick Ferrero, Philip Mayer, Martin Graff, Martin Soundriver, Andy Elliass, Steve Raw, The Pulsarix, Cybernetic, Dmitriy Bulakov, Portal, DJ Ayk, Danny Claire, Sync Diversity, Dirkie Coetzee, Ludgy, John Aleph, Pillow, Mostfa & Mostfa, Demex, Azuma One, DJ Myde, Blue Dolphin, Javah, Xan, Mikistylez, Kate Lesing, Caisha, Jessy Cole, DJ Ives M, DJ T.H., Matt De Vries, Gradian, Lentorek, Steven Force, Vol Deeman, Daniel Loubscher, Paul Van Laxx, Hyde, Truenorth, Aural Project, Trent Frydas, Dj Nightwalker, Rhythmsport, Carlos de la Garza, Miguel Angel Castellini, Robbie Seed, Alex Shevchenko, Fresh Code, TrancEye, Dirkie Coetzee, Myk Bee, Oen Bearen, Club Shockerz, Flatlex, Otto Uplifting, Wavepuntcher, Trance Forces, Cryostasis, Skylex, Dereck Recay, Gowood, Arctic Moon, Etheria, Myde, Mostfa & Mostfa, Fallen Skies, Dmitriy Bulakov, Airborne Angel, Jaccob, New World, Marquee, Eddie Lung, Tuomas.L, A & Z, Rene Ablaze, Hard3eat
Keejay Records | 2015-12-19
Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems, Vol. 2
TrancEye, Fischer & Miethig, Cryostasis, Rene Ablaze, Jam Da Bass, tranzLift, Dima Krasnik, Steve Raw, The Pulsarix, Wemms Project, Artra & Holland, Cerera, DJ T.H., Andy Elliass, Laucco, Ian Buff, Aeden, Infite, T Forces, Bardalimov, Javah, Xan, Sublunar Project, Kamil Esten, O.B.M Notion, Mhammed El Alami, Stellarium, Alexander Xendzov, Julie-Anne Melfi, Danny Claire, Sync Diversity, Juliet Lyons, Raham Hagh Gooyan, Frank Dattilo, Arctic Motion, Mostfa & Mostfa, Damian Wasse, Enfortro, Ivan Zupan, Jack Noise, Shuhrat Iskanderov, Thomas Petersen, Sarah Brightman, Tommy Pulse, Air Diver, Jonny Craig, Tranc Eye, John Waver, I5land, Truenorth, Distort Guyz, Warmduscher, Dj Tom-x, X-Cess, Bassrockerz, Elena, Matt Pincer, Martin Graff, Martin Soundriver, PROYAL, Amen B, Ross Rayer, 7 Baltic, Wojciech Kania, Ula, Unix SL, Adam Navel, Simon O'Shine, Andy Bianchini, Avenger, Blue Tente, Oceanic, Vlad Gee, Alpha Force, Dereck Recay, Jirka Stofcik, Kubo Satnik, ViDs, Black Pulsar, Blue Dolphin, Waas Van Siem, Mindsoundscapes, Talla 2xlc, Simon O'Shine, Gelardi, Wellenrausch, Touchstone, 4 Strings, Arctic Moon, Wemms Project, The Enlightment, O.B.M Notion, TrancEye, Six Senses, Make One, Gowood, Dj Holocaust, Matt Pincer, Arctic Motion, Ernest Miller, Fedde van Diemen, Empyre One, DJ Gollum, Raindropz!, Snoww, Myde, Steve Allan, Another World, Veselin Tasev, Nurettin Colak, Faruk Sabanci, Mike Semtex, DJ Brush, Darren Tech
Keejay Records | 2015-05-01