- Gum


Pedro Correia and Leandro Freitas are the mentors behind GUM. They’re from Portugal and have been involved in the music scene from an early age. They first got in touch with electronic dance music over 10 years ago and have been working together ever since, releasing through various underground labels around the globe, under the alias Cosmic Station.In early 2011 project GUM was born, and they focused on a wider approach to electronic dance music, conveying different styles into their own sound. House, Techno, Trance, crossing from Progressive to Minimal and even Electro, are just some elements you will find in GUM's music. In a couple of months, their music started gathering interest among the club community with several Record labels, radio shows and established artists interested in promoting their work. The EP Vox Bits, debut release on Karmicsounds Records, was #1 for more then 3 months on www.dancefuel.dj.Their tracks are already being supported by Luigi Rocca (303 Lovers/Hotfingers), 123XYZ (Toolroom Records), Dave Spritz (Karmicsounds Records), SNK (Micro Digital Records), Montana (Blackhole Recordings), JJ Mullor (Supermarket Records), Sasha Le Monnier (Source of Gravity), Darko De Jan (303 lovers/Hotfingers), Ivan Pica, Jorgensen (Adapt Records/Toolroom Records), Gordon Howarth (Adapt Records), DJ Enrage (Exklusive Records/Vidisco), E.M.A.N. (Exklusive Records/Vidisco), Diogo Ribeiro (24Hours Records), Dj Rosie Romero, Nikki Belucci, DJ Fox & many more.