- Green Zob


Around the age of 10 Zob's father taught him the basics to mix songs and it was enough to start a long and active connection with music.Zob started to refine his musical taste and soon discovered heavy-metal, death-metal and black- metal. During the mid 90's he let electronic music come in, which opened doors to drum & bass and consequently to other electronic music genres. Goa trance was a big influence in this artist's path (late 90's), which lead him to progressive-psy-trance.In the early 00's Zob was djing at some local parties with friends and working at the same time.At first Zob was seeking to achieve a more progressive-psy-trance sound and after a few years experimenting, he felt the urge to connect this genre with the elements he loved in techno, tech- house and minimal.The result is what we can hear today, music influenced by different styles and past experiences, constant learning and change, looking for more wisdom and to be able to communicate feelings, thoughts and moments through sound.