- Wind Fire


Wind Fire is a project of Progressive created in september 2012, by duo Kromah and Patrícia Leal, born to São Paulo, Brazil. The duo has the tendency Progressive Trance, Psychedelic Progressive, Modern Progressive Trance and Progressive Tech. Innovation is the bass of the work to Wind Fire, the project already has a considerable number of songs, and his first 'I don't know' focused to Modern Progressive Trance, and others 'Trouble' and 'Imagination' focused to Progressive Trance. How Psychedelic Progressive come 'Another Dimension' and the differentiated 'Athmosphere' Progressive Tech and others tracks in your profile... The name Wind Fire was created by the meaning of 'Wind' being to Patrícia Leal and 'Fire' being to Kromah. Are these elements of nature that bring a symbology more evidence that energy to the duo of artists believe. Good to protrude that the productions of Fire Wind project are drawn together by the duo and not only with the presence of a one producer. As the presentation will be made only by the LIVE two components, not just an artist!