- Phi Degrees


Phi Degrees is Bhuvan Sachdeva & Amit Bharadwaj, the outfit has seen a huge variety of line-ups to keep the music evolving in the live, as well as a studio situation. Different gigs have seen various avatars of the band. Sometimes they play straight DJ sets and on a different occasion the stage can involve an extravagant set of up to six musicians! The flavours of sound come from all the sensibilities they dabble in.Good, classy, dance music is what we’re talking about. Techno, tech-house, dirty grooves, deep basses. Loads of beats are on the shelf brewing at all times. Tours, vacations, transfers and the bohemian spirit carry t he people around t o meet each ot her t o plug in and connect. To put all in perspective, moments of deflection and indulgence have brought about a focus to create and perform dance music that strives to evolve and re-incarnate its spirit with each gig and each take. Phi Degrees is producing and performing to keep alive t he birt h of t he cont inuum!