- Geshe Ewing


Geshe Ewing is a dj and producer from London, he has been into music since the age of ten. By the age of 14 he was playing on famous London pirate station ICE FM 88.4 and also djing at London’s biggest venues including Bagley’s, Club Coliseum and Gass Club. He worked at Kickin Records (slip’n'slide) as a junior scout, during his t ime t here he builds up enough cont act s t o begin his own night with a close friend, Local Produce is born in West London which encourages dj’s performers and various acts to showcase their sound with the one rule they have to be local i.e. from London. Later he moved to Spain where he released his first ep. Geshe’s releases have surfaced on Beiak Records, OnePush Records and Flat 7 Records with further releases on Slaap Records.