- Akashic


Akashic is a Techno Producer born in Portugal now Australian based (Ricardo Pereira) ,First track in 2008 with the artistic name (Dj case) on Kult Records with the vocalist Lula on her Album The Underground sounds of Portugal feat Rui da Silva , Dj vibe , Soundgroove ,Future Scope ,Coraza,Fitter,Eon5.Most recently releasing new Projects with the name Akashic (Techno & Minimal) Project started in 2013 the first EP Tiny Particles on Konstrkt Records the track Akashic-Sobek appeared on Beatport 10 MUST HEAR TECHNO TRACKS - WEEK 19 and appeared on many Charts and Dj sets also the Track Akashic - Processing appeared on Beatport Opening Tracks. Also Decoy, Labrynth ,Nonlinear Systems