- Marco F


Marco F starts to manipulate vinyl at the age of 15 in the breath-taking city of lights, Paris. For 5 years, from 2000 till 2005 he is considered to be the creator of several mega mix and bootlegs that has been broadcasted on several large radio stations in France and Belgium. In 2007 he got signed as the resident DJ of Le Duplex, located at one of the most popular location, 'Paris-Arc de Triomphe'. There he faces a very demanding Parisian crowd, 5 nights per week and develops and improves his sounds in House. In order to make his music known all over the world, he starts to attend the WMC in Miami. He got contacted by several music labels for challenging projects. He also participates in several remix competitions. In 2011 Hed Kandi Ministry of Sound welcomed Marco F. He remixed the brand new single with 'Love Is The Icon' from DJ and Producer Alistair Albrecht.The new single features Big Daddy Boo Bear, Barry White. This funky single got played directly by the largest radio station in France. He begins 2012 with a first record called Lacuna on PM Recordings.