- Francesco Assenza


Founder and Manager of Sleep Is Commercial, FrancescoAssenza is today a gifted Dj in the international electronicscene and he´s growing fast with his production.Francesco began as a guitar player, interpreter andsongwriter, active in the Italian pop-music scene, thenbecame a Dj, but he has always been immersed in music.Since 2002 he has been resident Dj for the most interestingrealities in the underground panorama of theRoman electronic music scene as Goa Ultrabeat , AnarchyIn T he Club, Kinder Gaärden/Gayvillage, a huge summerfestival in the heart of Rome, where every week-end morethan 5.000 people were attracted from the sound proposedtogether with Lusky Dj.In the middle of 2006 together with Giancarlino owner ofGoa Club in Rome, he started Unpolite Records, a newItalian electronic label that moved his first steps from a clubexperience, on which he released two records with thepseudonym of T he D.L.O. together with Gianluca Paiella.After that we can find his name on the line up of the biggestelectronic music’s festival in Italy.At the beginning of 2007 he moved to Berlin where he isdevoting his time to the development of his sound, andorganizing events.T he first step was a release on Minisketch 500, the labelfrom Davide Squillace.At the end of 2008 meet and start to collaborate with AndreaFerlin.T his cooperation gave life to Sleep Is Commercial, startedas a digital label and now became an open multimediaproject of applied creativity, focused on music, fashion andevent organization.Francesco and Andrea joint each other for the first releaseof Sleep is Commercial with the pseudonym of DunkleDummies.As Dj Francesco is active in the Berlin´s scene while is instudio working to some new tracks and rmx will be releaseon different well known labels in 2012. His track on Amam “We Come In Peace” is an hype chatredand insert in the last Marco Carola´s BBC Radio 1 EssentialMix together with 2 more Sleep Is Commercial tracks.A good feedbacks for the project developed in Berlin.