- Dakpa


Dakpa was born in Mallorca in 1987 . His beginning in the world of electronic music takes place at the well-known club in Mallorca, Underclub. Dakpa starts his career letting himself listen to the great dj's that's play at the club and he gets impressed by their music.His first tracks out were with the Pepe Arcade label, Irdial Music , obtaining good international repercussions ,and growing thanks to the support of Takuya Yamashita , part of the duo Different World with Claude Young.Dakpa has developed his own sound always trying to be out of borders with no labelling. Featuring Minimalist Deep sound , powerful large loops helped it to create a mystical atmosphere .Influenced by the new sound of Detroit and Berlin ahead , he fuses styles giving an organic touch with expressing eclectic art and suitable for all audiences.His recent works have been published by Amam , Serial Number 849, Deep Department, and soon in his own label (Arrels) with his mates Alexander Dengra and Baraso which they created with the aim of growing as musicians and edit only on vinyl.His tracks have been played by artists like Richie Hawtin , Russ Gabriel , Yaya , Loco Dice or Osunlade. In 2010 , a remix Isgud label Tato , is selected to be part of the compilation " Be Space" from the famous disco Space Ibiza.In his role as DJ, Dakpa focuses to the dance floor without leaving their Underground side creating this way, a perfect balance.