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Andrew M. Ortiz is a rising talent in the underground house music scene. AMO, as he is known on the set, has had no problem distinguishing himself in a crowded industry. His teenage years were devoted to proving himself worthy amongst DJ's twice his age. Relentless work ethic and commitment to the craft caught the attention of DJ's and promoters alike, earning him spots in New Jersey & NYC nightlife. As respect grew and reputation built, humble beginnings as an opener soon led to more coveted primetime gigs.AMO immersed himself in deep house music and took advantage of every opportunity to convey that to a crowd. Each set was not only showcasing his talent, but connecting him to people and living the house movement at the same time. With the drop of each seductive beat and the sound of groovy vibes, it was clear he found his calling.Early experiences motivated AMO to take his passion for music a step further. With a background in drum set and percussion instruments, he decided to hone in on his skills and traditional discipline at Full Sail University. While tirelessly studying Recording Arts & Music Production, he brought his deep house sound to downtown Orlando. There, he quickly established himself, providing a unique, unheard style to the area. He soon found himself playing parties and events in South Beach Miami, a hotbed for house hungry listeners. The exposure and response of a new house environment, combined with his studies in audio engineering, fueled an inevitable jump into production. Personal tracks became part of his repertoire, and in time, a respectable catalog armed him for the next step in his young career.He began contacting labels and DJ’s from NYC to Miami to Ibiza, offering demos of his latest work. Mild interest quickly warmed up when Lucid Records signed him for the track “Not Qualified” in July 2012. With new material and continued persistence, My First Love Record signed him for two tracks, “The Man” & “Shades”, in March 2013. The latest sign of AMO’s rise was a contract offer from Dissonant Records, whose interest grew with “Outside the Box”. As of May 2013, AMO was officially signed to the label and began working on his first EP released in September 2013.


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