- Amo


Flourishing within New York’s underground house scene in the late 2000s, Amo‘s DJ sets earned him a reputation as a distinguished mixer before he hardened his production skills studying Recording Arts & Music Production. His music is a unique synergy of sounds, vibrations, micro-beats, harmonies and rhythms, carefully engineered to resonate deep within the listener. Some of his works were dispatched by well-known labels like Vatos Locos, NG Trax, UnderYourSeat, Dissonant, Tzinah, KiNa Music, Moral Fiber, Osmosis Audio, Kanja Records, Bla Bla Music, Deep Tech Records and others. Also, playing as the main contender behind GreenRoom Family, organizing events, touring and hosting the GreenRoom Podcasts and Streams, alongside many friends and international artists in the scene. Playing at some of Europe’s most renown clubs and visiting some of Europe’s most creative locations like Club Der Visonare - Berlin, Barcelona, Club Avi - Tirgu Mures, Constanta and D.Tales - Cluj, Romania - Amo continued on the Vatos Locos US Tour playing at legendary clubs like Space Miami and, more. Amo’s has continued support from Artists like: Cesar Merveille, Barac, Hector, Richie Hawtin, Guti, Marco Carola, Mahony, Javier Carballo, Taimur, Alexis Cabrera, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Faster, Guy From Downstairs, Jorge Scavoretti, Rossko, Lumieux, Piticu, Sepp, Nu Zau, Chad Andrew, David Gtronic, Randall M, Primarie, Cosmjn, Andrei Ciubuc, Adam Beyer, Paco Osuna, and Marc Antona to name a few.