- Pepe Arcade


Advanced Music and technoid attitude are some of thecharacteristics that define the producer Pepe Arcade. Heand his music have always been looking for the evolvingpath of maturity and distinction currently manifested in theircreations.For several years he worked as a producer on severallabels. True Type Tracks, Natch Records (Berlin) and PongMusiq (New York) label where he just released his firstalbum of techno.On the other hand, his label Serial Number 849, allows towork more independently and eclectic. Working with artistsfrom Europe, Asia and America. As with REZ , the label thatruns with the dj and producer Angel Costa.As a promoter, is in charge of the party: "Consumed,Noches de música techno" is performed several times amonth in Palma de Mallorca.In 2012 starts the new direct and music with "T he DubAttack", will also the Minimal T V visual festival of Neo TokyoBaluard in Palma de Mallorca.Enveloping atmospheres and industrial sounds would bethe most correct way to define "T he Dub Attack", the alteregoof Pepe Arcade.An excellent mix of sounds and noise with great power,which transmit to the public a sense of evasion mind.With this live, more than one hour, the author shares withthe audience, his passion for experimental music andelectrifying feelings.Electronics in pure state, intense and very strong, is "T heDub Attack".