- Andu Simion


Andu Simion was born in the summer of 1989, few months before the Romanian communist revolution,in Ploiesti,a small city located near Bucharest,the capital of Romania.In 2000 he started photographing places which had marksof the communist era, that just ended in Romania. Inspired by the grey blocks from his neighborhood,old cars and the industrialization,the young artist started having contacts with the world of music including hip-hop and also electronic fields .In 2010 he started mixing in various clubs from Ploiesti,where he studied near other djs and improved his technique using 4/4 beat exercises.Soon after this, he started also producing electronic music in the romanian jungle of producers of Romania. He collaborated with local artists in various projects such as Nohyansi ( with Adonis Achim ) and Double A ( A Dublu in romanian, with Ardeleanu Bogdan).