- Alex Lario


Alex Lario was born in Barcelona in 1988. The vanguardelectronic transition happening around the turn of themillennium marked his adolescence significantly. As an artisthe presented himself in the best underground clubs inBarcelona and started shaping the scene with instinctivepragmatism and his very own form of musical communicationthat appeared in his ungovernable brain.Alex Lario delivers fresh and balsamic rhythms, foamybasses and geometrically anarchic percussion in all of hissessions, creating a floating mix between sensual andelegant house, combined with strong and powerful technomusic.In 2008 his musical career receives an enormous boostafter his first releases on Rubrik Records. This big stepforward allowed him to play in Barcelona´s most prestigiousvenues like East Ender Festival, El Row, Florida 135, GhoaBeach Club, Raum Club, Row14, Ker Club, The Warehouse,Under Club and many, many more. Afterwards the youngCatalan moved upwards and dropped some serious tuneson Suruba , Suruba x , Ker recordings, Konzentrisch, BlueRecords Cube and Sincopat and was also remixed by hotshots like CERI (Hot creations) or Zohki & Roozlee (MoonHarbour). As you can tell Alex Lario is one of Barcelona´smost improving artists and definitely a promising member ofthe next generation of house music producers.