- Della Zouch


Della Zouch is a new pseudonym but the man behind the name is no stranger to house music. With an introduction to the scene firstly as a DJ some 12 years ago he then went on to work in A&R and promotion at some high profile labels. Now Della runs two of his own labels full time and his musical inspiration is channeled t hrough ‘Della Zouch’.His 1st productions have being snapped up by Kote Records and ALiVE Recording and with countless remixes due for release, it seems the next year will see Della Zouch become a mainstay in the underground house music scene.With DJ experience that spans the world, from super clubs in Miami, Amsterdam and Ibiza to lesser- traveled countries like Albania and Lithuania, from the vast expanse of Privilege and the Space to grimy underground basement clubs in Leeds, Manchester and London. Della Zouch is set to hit the ground running wit h t he abilit y t o backup his product ions wit h his first found love in house music, DJing.