- Beatsmack


Hailing from Perth, Western Australia and spawned from a love of all things heavy ‘Beatsmack’ is the brainchild of Tom Beziuk aka Bezwun (producer/dj) and Ryan Sloan aka Intercept (producer/dj).“The goal is simple - Beatsmack is an outlet for the heavier side of funky electro breaks. The tunes represent everything we are influenced by... I guess we’re a melting pot of what we listen to and what we gather inspiration from” – Ryan Sloan.Whether it be a dirty bass line, a funky break, or an intricate sequence of ear piercing pads, leads or synths, the tracks produced are to transform audio into energy felt by everyone on the dance floor.Working with labels such as Plasmapool, Ground Level, On A Break, Logariddim, Ridiculoud, Ventuno, Digital Sensation UK, Breakz R Boss Records and Dead Famous, sees Beatsmack forging a solid position in todays Breaks scene.