- EZ Breaks


Ioana Iancu & Andrei Chirvase known as Arklove & Ez Breaks, are a newcommer duo from Romania . Their productions are known for their patiently crafted, sophisticated sound, produced with emotion and care. They started their own record label Rkdeeplove Records in 2012 and since then they created Sunraid Records, Music Totem Records, Goldeye Recordings and Elektronic Music Promotion. www.soundcloud.com/ezbreaksarklove www.facebook.com/arklovemusic Music is what gives people freedom and moments which they will never forget. For us music is life and we want to share with you our passion for this art. We want to connect and interact with all people interested of electronic music. Maybe for you, electronic music is just a repetitive music , but it is possible you will enjoy our tracks after you hear the taste. You will find our tracks on the biggest stores like: Beatport, Juno, iTunes, and many more and you will be able to connect with us trough YouTube , Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.