- ARkLove


Based on the famous quote by Friedrich Niche "Withoutmusic, ity would be a mistake" Arklove & Ez Breaks startedin this wonderful journey of electronic music. For them, musicis the way to escape from the banal life and daily worries , ina world without boundaries where relaxing and good vibeshave the last word.Each day spent in creative studio represents a new lesson,a new challenge and a new joy. Music has opened up newopportunities and offered them the chance to meet verytalented people who have the same desire and motivation:to express thoughts and feelings through sounds.They embrace different musical styles: from the Tech House, Techno to Breakbeat and Drum and Bass. In recent yearsthey have released various EPs and remixes on variousinternational big labels.You will find their music on the biggest stores like: Beatport,JunoDownload , iTunes, and many more and you will be ableto connect with them trough YouTube , Facebook,Soundcloud or Twitter.https://soundcloud.com/ezbreaksarklovehttp://facebook.com/Arklovemusichttp://arklovemusic.blogspot.com/Goldeye Recordings:http://goldeyerecordings.ga/Rkdeeplove Recordshttp://rkdeeploverecords.ga/Sunriad Recordshttp://sunraidrecords.ml/Music Totem Recordshttp://musictotem.ml/24hMusichttp://24hmusic.ml/Beatport Artist Profiles1