- Madadrive


Madadrive is a french electro house producer & a multi-launchpads Dj player. Extremely influenced by all french "electro-house" stuffs (Uppermost, Madeon, Tchami, Justice...), Madadrive is that kind of guy trying to redesign the "Not-Too- Much-old-yet" music with the actual one to make it "rebreathe" today and make it stay permanent, with the ability of playing with almost all the existing emotions that a human could feel in his life and bring them all to him. (cf : Future EP ). But, Madadrive (From his surname "Adam" and "Drive" from "Overdrive") is also very influenced by all the dark electro/electronic stuffs (Rezz, Gesaffelstein, Drezo...) and never hesitates to unleash his own rage and break his self control up through music.Stay alert, Madadrive is coming, and... This is just the beginning.