- Darkpunk


DarKPunk, young hopeful who was born in the land of Samba and football, was experiencing sounds of different countries, focusing on new trends, but without abandoning the electronic music, fanaticism by Techno, Electro and Breakbeat, something one can only hope that the track freak . With his technique of sampling and remix indisputable, has praise for pulling . Influenced by Kraftwerk, Jamiroquai, Prodigy, Boys Noize, Carl Cox and many others. His main tracks are: "Called by the Stars", "A.L.E.C.H.A.O.S" and "Bubble Gun", showing that it does not matter if the beat is broken or is 4x4, what matters is the soul and joy that the producer wants to spend.DarKPunK did remix for artists like: Hypster, Mord Fustang and The Sloppy 5Th'SDarKPunK is also known for his other aliases: "Softmal", "Softive" and "Discomal"