- Enough Weapons


Ever get the urge to break out and get twisted? Enough Weapons will make you need to! Never scared of bass and breaks, their trademark EW sound elevates the bar beat by beat. Through true dance-floor slammers the duo have clocked 25 global releases in their four year assault on the underground dance scene. There are no half measures for these guys and having had t wo Int ernat ional Breakbeat Awards nominations it’s clear they won’t stop till they’ve had enough! The bass loaders were grown in South Africa and have voyaged diverse paths and continents - from having roots in house and psy trance to running their own record labels. These two are circling the electro circuit and loving it. Kicking off in 2008 with their first release it’s been full steam into 2011. Performances are kept strictly live and pure EW – and – in the EW style; high energy all the way! The music is edgy, intense, melodic, and the product ion is mint . What more could you want ? If your ears haven’t had an Enough Weapons lick its about time to get them wet. Disclaimer: not for sissies. Enough Weapons Bass Loaded and Packing