- Ron with Leeds


Ron with Leeds consists of two German Producers & DJs, based in the heart of the Ruhr-area in West-Germany. They met each other in 2004 and after some experimental periods their common love for Trance-music let them found the project "Ron with Leeds".Today they're releasing high quality Trance & Progressive tracks on some of the biggest labels in the scene like Blackhole, Future Sound of Egypt, Monster Tunes, Emergent or Elliptical Sun and receive constant support by huge names like Aly & Fila, Kyau & Albert, Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk and many more...Further they host their own radio-show, the "Levitated Sessions" on DIGITALLY IMPORTED RADIO - the most famous station for Electronic & Dance music - which leads the listener through an 1 hour DJ-Mix of the latest & best Trance & Progressive tunes.