- Quint S Ence


Quint S Ence, a project created by Remo Fiore, is born to try and capture the spirit and soul of the fine art of images and sound. Music and images, which we hope will transport whoever wishes to listen or view into their own personal fifth essence, wherever that may be.Remo Fiore(Composer, Arranger, Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer)I have worked professionally in various sectors of the music environment for many years, from composition and songwriting to production, live and studio engineering . I am currently teaching, as well as being a passionate photographer and videomaker.After a few years away from composing & producing music, I decided to start this new project which embraces my love for ambient, lounge and world music coupled with my passion for the creation of both still and moving imagery and finally gave birth to Quint S Ence.The music I create could be described as a fusion of varied styles, from Lounge to EDM, Jazz to orchestral sound tracks, Ethnic, World to Ambient.