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 - Night Creatures


Piotr (Bit Holder) and Michał (Craft Michael), also known as Night Creatures, is the duet from Poznań. Each of them charms behind the decks with his colourful personality and musical talent yet together they create something even more unique.Piotr started his DJ and producer’s career in 2002. He already has many remixes and productions on his scorecard as well as performances at the parties all over Poland. Michał began his djing journey in 2005 and got interested in producing in 2008. His first mash ups were played on broadcasts by DJ Greg G. in New Jersey. Michał has also many productions to his credit.Craft Michael and Bit Holder met in 2010. Sharing passion and love for deep house and all of the variants of this genre they started their collaboration. Their main goal was above all production as well as deep house promotion on Polish EDM scene. In 2012 they signed a contract with TechSoul Records where they released their track called Beach Memories. In their sets you can hear deep house, tech house, nudisco, even minimal and soft variants of techno music which is why each of their performances is a solid dose of power and surprise.