- Mac Dephoner


Mac dephoner a Passion guy by the early electronic music influenced by his brother which was raydars which he entered the world of music as a DJ with a few years learning to produccir sources before dj set on which is heavily influenced chicago deep sounds, techno and house through which runs a good line in managing the public performances very sexy groove sounds very complicated when acting ina very special club and recognized on the world scene and the night his works are influenced by artists like carlo lio, the junkies, mad says, Marco Carola ,found very good seals enter At the level of the distribution world getting very interesting top achieving sales cituarlos large stalls of the world at better sound every day for the public a better job that requires always looking in the future surrounded of very good artists so following his musical maturity with its stamp dephone with getting to sound pretty demanding tour which acted excellent in giving the best overall expectations as a person making music with his colleague Alberto Cicuendez wing well understood when act on stage and in studio or production is also one of the leaders in quality country club in Colombia but has been living future in madrid Spain where sound carries quite dark and technologia Hypnotizing the many sounds which now which form a group called the breakers with a sound quite interesting with Deep bass line and dark tribal grooves with vox and more