- Alex Mullen


The combination of Slavic and Latin roots make Alex Mullen an avant-garde artist, DJ and producer with 10 years of experience covering several countries, this young consolidated Artist who prepared himself in one of the large production schools like SAE Institute proposes a style with strength and elegance.Simple and combining his knowledge Alex Mullen with a thirst for culture lived in Barcelona for several years, Ends up forming his career sharing a Dj Booth with great artists of Spain and the world, now he has in hand the project called Sess Music; collective and event production with a minimalist concept, founded in Panama, which has been making international events in places like Barcelona, Ibiza, Vienna, Milan, Medellin, among many others showing strength with artists from allover the world, uniting and linking different personalities to highlight each artistic side on the dancefloor, Sess music is projected into the future as something three-dimensional, encompassing great things, knowing all public and clubbers of the world, to give them the best of electronic music.Alex Mullen faithful to house music, but loving and attentive to techno. Combining these genres creates atmospheres without equal, without forgetting the lounge music, deep house and minimaltech also complement their music curriculum.With his good vibe, energy and attitude many of his followers show a constant loyalty and support.He continues his path as a producer, creating new proposals, and participating in good and international events.