- Limelght


Imagine the sun high above and the warmth washing over your body. In this moment, everything is perfect; everything makes sense. You are connected. This is your limelght.With this vision behind their music, it’s easy to see how Chicago based Armind Recording artist Limelght is redefining the dance music industry. Limelght's vision to spread a message of love, compassion and community is evident in their belief that music alone can and will unite us.Formed in early 2017 by Nick Gunn and Tanner Wilfong, Limelght immediately received the ear of Armada Music, a top label within the dance music industry. This kind of recognition, normally reserved for the genre’s seasoned producers, found Limelght entertaining their first deal from Armind Recordings within five months of formation, an unprecedented and humbling position.When one listens to their music, it's not hard to see why. Both classically trained musicians, the duo come from extensive production backgrounds with a high understanding of music writing and composition. Their Trance productions have been described as “some of the best dance in years,” “massive,” and “produced to perfection.”Their debut single, "Don’t Leave Me Now" shines with outstanding production and haunting vocals by Alina Renae. The song was written, produced and engineered, including top line and lyrics, entirely by the duo in their Chicago based studio. Described as "an outpouring of emotion," "Don't Leave Me Now" will make it hard for any Trance fan to hold back the tears.Expect new music in January 2018 on Armind as well incredible collabs and remixes from the top industry players.